Comedy & Lifestyle Content Creator, Nikhil Kini Visits Every Park in Mumbai in 24 Hours!

Much like the rest of us, Nikhil Kini has spent the last five months stuck indoors due to Covid-19. We partnered him to explore one of the activities he missed the most; visiting parks! He decided to reclaim his time in nature by visiting every single park in Mumbai (in his own words, “he’s a little extreme like that”). 

We hope that this video serves as a Park Menu for any of you planning on visiting parks during this lockdown. You can check out the full video here.

In the meantime, for a quick snippet of what his adventures entailed, check out the videos below. They’re fun, informative and frankly entertaining to boot. Also, we didn’t even know that these many parks existed or that some of them have sculptures, shoes and other eccentric things on display.

Don’t forget to tell us which park you’d like to visit once this ordeal is over and we come out healthy and happy from this pandemic.

Rukun Kaul

Rukun Kaul

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Rukun is a new-media expert who spends all her free time convincing her partner that her over-indulgence in Korean pop-culture will eventually pay off. She has yet to figure out how.