Why us?

Because we are...

  • Independent


    We do things in our own way, avoiding the traditional
  • Social

    Our social nature is our strength, creating communities to create change
  • Creative


    Each of us finds a way to share our beliefs and identity through creative expression
  • Multi-faceted


    We are constantly learning, evolving and growing our interests. One area of expertise does not define us
  • Invested


    We believe the city can do better, and we believe it is our responsibility to make it happen

Why the Ministry?

We believe that the collective power of our generation can cause unprecedented change for good, beyond what any government can do. We are taking back ownership of the city to create the change Mumbai needs. Being a Mumbaikar means giving a damn, and using your creativity, passion and voice to create the city you deserve to live in.

Mumbai was created from seven islands through a series of land reclamations dating back to the 1700s. The same coastline that has been constructed by nature and human engineering is now under threat. The green spaces and natural beauty that has made Mumbai so magical is under threat, and we are one of the last generations who can save it.

Our partners