Step Up - Policy Action Program

The Step Up program is an opportunity for Mumbai youth to contribute towards building a livable Mumbai for all. We believe that young people's leadership, representation, and solutions can help in progressive and inclusive policy solutions for the city. Participants will get a chance to learn from experts specialising in climate communications, policy action, governance, and sustainability.

Why should you apply?

Through activity-based workshops, storytelling and stakeholder conversations, participants will develop knowledge and skills that will prepare them as future climate champions. At the end of the program, select fellows will get a chance to design solutions and engage in a dialogue with the decision makers.

The program will host workshops with the following components:

Global, national, state context of climate action
Mumbai’s vulnerability to climate impacts
Role of policy in climate adaptation and mitigation
Maharashtra’s vision on climate action
Role of youth in climate action
Climate Justice as a pillar for solutions
Moving from individual actions to policy action and systemic change
Legislative avenues for citizen participation in policy solutions

Who is an ideal participant?

Between the ages of 16-35 years
Resides in Mumbai
Has demonstrable interest in climate change, policy action and community building
Committed to building Mumbai as a model city for climate action
Is willing to commit 8-10 hours to this program over a month and a half

What does the timeline look like for this?

Workshops will be organised between early August - mid September 2021

Step Up - Policy Action Program is an initiative of the Ministry of Mumbai’s Magic, in collaboration with Global Shapers Mumbai, Yuwaah/YPAT, United Way Mumbai, Yuva India

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