Calling All Artists!

Mumbai’s mangroves are indispensable. These mangroves act as natural buffers against coastal erosion and flooding, and they store up to 4 times as much carbon as other forests. They are the home to several species of flora and fauna, and serve to provide crucial ecological resources for many fisherfolk communities who depend on these ecosystems. With the inevitable rise in sea levels, Mumbai's mangroves are more important now than ever.


Ministry of Mumbai’s Magic is calling on all young artists and creators, and encouraging you to create content on protecting Mumbai’s mangroves and the communities it supports.

Through the artwork initiated by incredible artists like you, our aim is to stir up a social media movement inviting youth to express themselves creatively through any medium and make art for the protection of Mumbai’s mangroves.

This content will be united on social media under a hashtag: #MakeArtForMumbaisMangroves

The top 50 artists will be featured in a zine that will be presented to Mumbai’s Environment Ministry. The last date to share your artwork on social media is 22 May, 2021. MMM will reach out to the selected artists for a brief write up on their work before the zine gets published. Each of the selected artists will also receive a copy of the zine.

Who can participate?

Any individual passionate about protecting Mumbai’s precious ecosystem is welcome to join in!

Guidelines for your artwork:

Taking pride in and responsibility for the biodiversity of Mumbai, our campaign, Biodiversity by the Bay, encourages young artists to embrace their identity as Mumbaikars and pioneer a movement to protect the city that they love. The purpose of your artwork is to build support to protect Mumbai’s mangroves.

Personal Signature: We encourage each artist to add a small signature/mark within the illustration. Please do not include MMM branding anywhere in the artwork as we would like the piece to live independently.

Material: The digital artwork can be created using any medium that the artist choses (i.e. illustration, mixed media, animation, motion graphics, etc.)

Dimensions: As this piece will be promoted primarily through digital media engagement - we need the dimensions to be a 1:1 aspect ratio to increase shareability on social media (preferably 1080px X 1080px). However, if the artwork is of a medium that does not allow this, please click a photograph of the artwork and share it on your social media platforms.

While posting on social media:

1. We request each of you to share this link (of this page) with your artwork when you post it on social media and invite other artists like yourself to join the movement!

2. Please use this hashtag while posting it online #MakeArtForMumbaisMangroves so that it can be tracked and featured on our MMM website and social media channels

3. Other recommended hashtags: #MumbaisMangroves

If you have any queries regarding this activity, feel free to reach out to Suma from Team MMM at