Agla Station: Mumbai 2.0

Inhabited by over two crore people, Mumbai is a city of resilience and strength. In the next few decades the city will face the threat of flooding like never before.

Agla Station: Mumbai 2.0 was created to bring attention to this problem, while depicting a solution. As part of the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival - 2021, this installation ties into the heartbeat and identity of Mumbai.

The local train is considered the lifeline of Mumbai. The artist Tyrell Valladares used the symbol of the city’s spirit to emphasize the need for protection of green spaces and biodiversity for flood resilience, presenting a vision of what is possible. In this installation, the train is emerging out of a cityscape with concrete skyscrapers that are submerged under water, demonstrating the risk of flooding that Mumbai faces daily. It climbs towards a climate resilient future with open green spaces and protected biodiversity.

Flooding is something that impacts all Mumbaikars across class, neighbourhoods and professions. Mumbai’s recent announcement of becoming a C40 city demonstrates the state government's pro-climate inclinations and was the inspiration for this artwork. Becoming part of a global cities list committed to climate action means that Mumbai now be held to a higher standard of urban resilience.

We see it as symbolic of the way forward, a train towards climate resilient Mumbai and the future we want for this island city. Learn more about Mumbai’s climate plans, and share your dream for Mumbai using #MumbaiKaAglaStation

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About the Artist: Tyrell Valladares

Mumbai-based artist and sculptor, Tyrell Valladares founded his studio ‘Metal Head’ in 2012 in Mumbai, India to serve as a platform where art in all its forms can be expressed exploring infinite possibilities.

‘Metal Head’ has been responsible for a number of public art installations in and around the city of Mumbai and contributed to changing narratives using art as a medium.

Share YOUR your solution to what Mumbaikars can do to mitigate floods in Mumbai on social media with #MumbaiKaAglaStation

This installation was incubated by India Climate Voices - a collective of three organisations: Purpose, Asar and Climate Trends. It aims to engage people in conversations about climate, to amplify solutions to the state’s climate issues, and to encourage key stakeholders to invest in them. They aim to do this by collaborating with the state government and the issue experts in the state, and through public mobilization. They hope to inspire the people of Mumbai to demand the world-class climate-resilient city they deserve!

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