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New Catch in Town

Koli community’s solution to clean up Mumbai’s creeks! An innovative fishing nets installation collected around 500 kg of waste in 3 days from a single outlet in Malad creek.


The BEST for Mumbai

Mumbaikars share their vision of a modern, sustainable public transport system for a resilient Mumbai.

People’s Biodiversity Register

People’s Biodiversity Register

A documentation of flora and fauna as well as local fishing community’s historical knowledge at Bhandup Pumping station as evidence to inform conservation planning by the city authorities

Through the Eyes of the Kolis

Through the Eyes of the Kolis

A pictorial narrative of the generational history of the Kolis and the deep relationship they share with their natural environment

Marine Lines Podcast

Marine Lines Podcast

Join Raghu Karnad in conversation with 10 insightful thinkers as they explore Mumbai's hidden worlds, from the suburbs to the sea

Step Up - Policy Action Program

Step Up - Policy Action Program

Calling Mumbai’s youth to join a program that builds their capacity and knowledge of policy change towards strengthening climate action in Mumbai

Mumbai’s Interactive Biodiversity Map

Mumbai’s Interactive Biodiversity Map

Learn more about the vast flora and fauna that thrives in Mumbai and which organizations are helping to protect them


Make Art for Mumbai’s Mangroves

A social media movement led by artists to make noise and draw attention to the need for the protection of Mumbai’s mangroves

From a while back..


Harita - The Green Footprint Fellowship

Mumbai’s future urban sustainability champions design solutions for better green public spaces in the city


Agla Station: Mumbai 2.0

It's time to switch tracks, Mumbai! Tyrell Valladares’ art installation is a tribute to our climate resilient city.


#BiodiversitybytheBay Festival

Our month-long digital festival of music, comedy and art, where we imagined our future together


A Letter to Aaditya Thackeray

Mumbai’s citizens came together to sign a letter demanding to protect the city’s biodiversity


Reimagine Mumbai’s Green Spaces

Citizens vote for the future parks of Mumbai!


"Where have all the parks gone?!"

Listen to Mumbaikars talk about our disappearing parks