#MumbaiNeedsPink – Citizens Demand on Behalf of Mumbai’s Lesser Flamingos

Every year the city is painted pink by the migration of the flamingos into Mumbai. BNHS notes that “Ever since the 1980s, flocks of 30,000-40,000 of the bird have been settling along the Thane Creek between September and April. The number has increased significantly over the years and in 2020, Mumbai registered close to 1.5 lakh birds.”

However, they are increasingly being seen squeezed in smaller places due to the redevelopment or destruction of their habitat, the mangroves and the wetlands of Mumbai. This has happened due to demands for city development, reconstruction and encroachment and last month, the twitter junta decided to speak up about it and in favour of protecting the key flamingo habitats.

Mumbai’s citizens are concerned about the rapid loss of biodiversity within the city and renowned environmentalists, journalists, musicians and media personalities came to share their concerns.

Rukun Kaul

Rukun Kaul

Consultant, Purpose
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