Hello, Mumbai!

Ministry of Mumbai’s Magic is a community where young Mumbaikars thrive, and use their creativity and collective power for good. Our collective aims to create a climate movement of young Mumbaikars like us, who are interested in an inclusive and active climate debate, to safeguard our future and Mumbai’s future. Our aim is to develop a strong voice that influences sustainable policy making and environmental leaders in India.

For a generation that’s grown up with the magic of Harry Potter, the thought behind this platform is to present a space to spark new ideas and share innovative solutions led by Mumbai’s youth. It is aspirational and nostalgic. Collectively, we aim to push the boundaries and fight for climate action in Mumbai.

While designing our brand, we thought about what would resonate with the people of Mumbai. Our brand mark is a symbolic representation of where biodiversity thrives – with the M’s forming trees and mountains. The negative space forms new streams of thought, indicating the spread of disruptive thinking.

The dark grey and white has a contemporary touch that our young audience loves! The textured elements in bright shades represent different aspects of nature and the vibrant emotions of our young audience. 

Biodiversity by the Bay is our pilot campaign, building a new movement of young Mumbaikars to champion the protection of the city’s biodiversity and its inhabitants. With Civis, Dysco and Waatavaran, we will collaboratively be building this climate movement and showcasing the creative thinking, social influence and collective power of Mumbai’s youth. 

Our Biodiversity by the Bay campaign is the first of many to come!

Suma Balaram

Suma Balaram

Senior Designer, Purpose
Suma is a Visual Designer and Design Researcher. She believes that design is a powerful tool to bring about change and solve complex social problems.