An Ode To The Flamingo

Every year the lesser flamingos paint Aamchi Mumbai’s skies with a hue of pink that can melt even the hardest of hearts. Think of it as our own version of the enchanted ceiling. This year, to honour their return to our land, the Ministry of Mumbai’s Magic decided to celebrate them in literary style, literally. 

We partnered with the HaikuJam community and threw a few words their way for them to commemorate this magnificent bird in their own lyrical style. Lo and behold.

We are overjoyed and overwhelmed at the response we’ve received for the flamingo. Over 200 people participated to share the joy of this beauty. Care to tell us which one is your favourite? 

And yes, for the folks who live in this bay, the flamingo will always be bae. <3

Rukun Kaul

Rukun Kaul

Consultant, Purpose
Rukun is a new-media expert who spends all her free time convincing her partner that her over-indulgence in Korean pop-culture will eventually pay off. She has yet to figure out how.