Siddhi Vartak


"I have always been fascinated by what the mangroves looked like, felt like from within when I stood waiting for a ferry at the Gorai beach. I wondered how it would be like if magically the debris, plastic and all other things that were once created for human need and discarded for their service was no longer required, suddenly disappeared.

I wonder when the sound of this beautiful ecosystem will be better heard. I keep wondering. At Least until it permanently stays in the backdrop of my mind and all the choices I make are made considering it.

Mangroves are the natural sponges that swallow the water dashing the land we stay on. Hence, they are extremely sensitive to the rising sea level, much important to think about for a place like mumbai. Apart from this, they host an amazing range of animals and birds creating a unique world of its own.

Draw your own interpretation of the mangroves and help in raising the awareness."

- Siddhi Vartak | @siddhitells