Siddhartha and Rohini Sripada










"We are not able to get over our obsession with the mangrove forest. During our many trips to the coastal and marine biodiversity centre in Airoli Mumbai we took many pictures of the exhibits. My son Siddhartha made this mixed media collage for the #MakeArtForMumbaisMangroves.

Siddhartha who is 3 years old loves the flamingoes that flock our city. We have been visiting Bhandup pumping station ever since he was a baby of 1 month old. Where I would make him listen to the birds flying around. Many a hours I have spent there when I was pregnant photographing painted storks, cormorants and lesser flamingos. We now head over to the marine diversity center and spend hours watching the mud crabs popping up and down clicking their claws away.

My daughter who is 18 months old just loves this beautiful biome. The mudskippers walked around the floor along with crabs. We also spotted quite a few wading birds. When there is a high tide we take the boat ride sometimes to see the flamingos. But my kids enjoy watching the birds from the coastline more. On the last visit we spotted a huge carpenter bee which was buzzing around us. We watched it for a while."

- Siddhartha and Rohini Sripada | @learningtobeamum