Samiksha Puri



"Since the first time I visited Ranthambore at the age of 15 years I saw a tiger, eye to eye and I knew then, this creature is a special one.

The mangrove forests in India not only has in abundance the Bengal tigers and is home to a variety of birds, flying fox, spotted deer, rhinoceros and more.If we talk about Sundarbans forest, the world's largest mangrove forest and also the most biologically productive natural ecosystem and yet the tigers abound in the area last count didn’t exceed more than 200!

However the focus being on tigers, the endangered Padmini - The Queen Tiger mother, Genghis - The Master Predator, Broken Tooth - The Gentle Male and others that are yet surviving, make our lives truly worth living.

Similarly the marvellous mangroves of Mumbai, is a home for many such species. The absence of trees and the vast land will make them vulnerable. Today Mumbai has a long way to go in protecting the mangrove forest and therefore requires our utmost attention both publicly and privately.

Having personally visited the Mumbai mangroves I feel the potential of the mangroves is under explored, one needs to experience it to understand the significance and fight for its protection."

- Samiksha Puri | @samikshapuriart