Neha Kay


"If you ever wonder what difference it makes by saving the mangroves, you need to visit the lives surrounded by these lush green, majestic breathing roots of mangrove forests.

Mangroves are a source of fuel, medicine, a rich supply of fish, carbon sinks, a natural barrier against violent storm surges and floods, a source of tourism and livelihood to thousands of people around them.

Also, a huge variety of wildlife lives or breeds in the mangrove ecosystem, including numerous fish, crab, shrimp species and molluscs. The trees are home to an array of nesting, breeding and migratory birds. When these Mumbai mangrove forests are cleared valuable habitat is lost, threatening the survival of myriad species
We need to stop nature pulverization.

Protect Mangroves to Protect Ourselves!"

- Neha Kay | @nehakayart