Nayan Shrimali & Vaishali Chudasama










"Mangroves are called roots of the sea because they hold the coastline and protects the nearby areas from flooding. It’s a very fragile ecological environment. We have joined hands with @mumbaismagic to spread awareness about the issue of Mumbai’s mangroves and make the world aware about it.

Here is a Miniature Paper cut diorama showcasing 17 different species living in the Mangroves of Mumbai. This artwork depicts an environment not just as a terrain or a beautiful scene but as a precise balance of flora and fauna which keeps our ecosystem running. We humans depend on them and they help us in thriving. The bottomline is our economy depends on the ecosystem of our planet and it will never be the other way round.

Every small step counts as we are the future and art is the tool to create the future we want. Awareness among the world will make the change. Spread this word and let’s come together and raise our voice and save our beautiful #mangroves."

- Nayan Shrimali & Vaishali Chudasama | @nvillustration