Mrinmayi Dalvi


"A labyrinth of entangled roots and gnarly branches, the dawn chorus tinted in rose gold. Salt crystal studded shimmering leaves, a lazy slither and a flick of the tongue, tasting the crisp morning air. Dew drop sprinkled gossamer webs, an eye hidden in plain sight, the flutter of a jeweled wing. The splash of an oar lead by the fisherman's song, another splash, a successful hunt? Or the one that got away, another feeding prolonged? - The mangrove life and a few of my favourite experiences of it's everyday happenings.

The mangroves of Mumbai are in immediate danger of being wiped out to make way for a coastal road project. This project not only threatens the biodiversity of the mangrove forests, but also puts the coast in direct danger from the rising sea levels, and all the consequences that come along with it.

The western coast of India has been battling horrific effects of the cyclone Tauktae since the past few days, and studies show that the frequency of such cyclones in the Arabian sea is sure to increase with the increase in the water temperature- a direct effect of global warming. As unique as they are, mangroves not only store 4-8 times more carbon than other ecosystems, but also have been known to restrict and contain the the impact of oceanic storms, and even tsunamis which is why it has become even more urgent to conserve this niche ecosystem.

I created this illustration for the campaign #MakeArtForMumbaisMangroves Mangroves, a campaign dedicated towards preserving the mangroves of Mumbai, their biodiversity, and the ecosystem services that they provide us, which are unmatched and extremely vital for the survival of coastal areas."

- Mrinmayi Dalvi | @aranyagaatha