Li Actuallee


"In the last few months I’ve been working on drawings of hidden systems and underworlds of urban living through whimsical patterns and flattened landscape that uncover underlying systems at play. The call for artwork about Mumbai Mangroves was a wonderful prompt to think deeply about the first line of defence and natural protection of our city that these ecologies offer.

The interconnectedness of these networks is no small thing, and humans have only started scratching the surface of understanding how we affect the world around us.

Protecting our mangroves is about protecting the future of an ever-growing city, that bursts at its seams everyday, a city that never stops or questions, but this rate of growth has been dangerous for some time, and the very real human and non human implications of it can be felt in any neighbourhood or suburb, the consequences of profit at all cost."

- Li Actuallee | @liactuallee