Anurag Mishra


"More than the rosy Lesser Flamingos, what struck me the first time I visited the Sewri mudflats were the industries and urban conglomerates in the backdrop of this mangrove wetland system. Mumbai's Mangroves are unique, existing side by side with the city's mega infrastructure ventures. They line the border between the Arabian sea and the city and act as natural buffers against coastal erosion and flooding. Mangroves also sequester up to 4 times more carbon than other forests. The majority of the millions of migratory birds that visit Mumbai are sheltered by these mangroves, right in between the hustle-bustle of the city.

Many parts of Mumbai have been built by reclaiming land from the sea, which makes the city especially vulnerable to the consequences of climate change and the accompanying sea-level rise. There has been a widespread loss of these ecosystems over the past years. With a steady rise in sea levels, the integrity of mangrove ecosystems is crucial, now more than ever."

- Anurag Mishra | @anuragmishra1009