Anupa Jangbari




"While covid 19 situation seems worsened, not only we all need to be more careful but also pay more attention to ourselves, and our surroundings. How? In the strict lockdown scenarios? With our best sensibilities and capacity, as of now Thanks to this art movement, I get to express some things.

So as the art suggests, whichever side of the picture we choose to flourish with, we can create that for us. If we wish to create a lovely co-existence, with a bright future with nature + tech & upgraded life + infra + abundance + health wealth & sustainable plus successful life, we can make it happen. At the same time we all have a dark side, if we encourage that results are nasty : aren't we all aware of it?

Witnessing it already I agree for sure that even if it's a tough time, environments + animals & us all must co exist. One such way is to save Mumbai's mangroves : it's a silent and much needed habitat for a whole lot of species who are amazing & Much "NEEDED"."

- Anupa Jangbari | @anupajangbari