Local Biodiversity Organizations

When we think of Mumbai, we immediately think of a fast paced city with its vibrant film industry and endless opportunities. The interactive illustrated biodiversity map of Mumbai is an attempt to capture the diversity and richness of its flora and fauna. It shows Mumbaikars how they are connected to Mumbai's biodiversity, and invites them to participate in protecting it.

There are several organizations located in the Mumbai metropolitan region who are dedicated towards protecting the city’s ecosystems. Each of them play an important role in conservation, educating citizens and sustaining livelihoods. We have listed a few organizations here with whom you can volunteer or contribute to support their efforts to preserve Mumbai’s rich biodiversity.

BNHS is a pan-India wildlife research organization whose mission is the conservation of nature, primarily biological diversity through action based on research, education and public awareness.

Vanashakti is a Mumbai based not-for-profit organization whose thrust areas are forest, mangrove and wetland protection, environmental education for schools, livelihoods for forest based communities and scientific investigation into local environmental degradation.

NatConnect Foundation is a not-for-profit company to serve the cause of the nature.

The Conservation Action Trust is a registered non-profit organization formed to protect the environment, particularly forests and wildlife. The role of forests in protecting the water security of the country is one of the major thrust areas of CAT.

Coastal Conservation Foundation (CCF) evolved from Marine Life of Mumbai (MLOM), a two-year-old, citizen-driven collective that brought much-needed public attention to coastal biodiversity and habitats in the urban environs of Mumbai. Today, MLOM continues as CCF’s flagship programme.

Mangrove foundation is an autonomous body under the Government of Maharashtra that works towards conservation of coastal & marine biodiversity & improving the livelihoods of the coastal community in Maharashtra

The Sanctuary Nature Foundation was converted into a Section 8 Foundation under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in 2015 with the mission to produce well-researched communications built upon a bedrock of good science, to conceptualise and implement conservation projects while taking a holistic view on human, wildlife and climate issues.

WCS-India’s overarching goal is the protection and conservation of the natural environment, its flora and fauna, and in particular the preservation of wildlife and wild places in India. We combine wildlife conservation action and strategic policy interventions with rigorous principles of conservation science, and forge long-lasting productive partnerships with governmental and non-governmental partners as well as with local communities.

Dakshin Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation. Our mission is to inform and advocate conservation and natural resource management, while promoting and supporting sustainable livelihoods, social development and environmental justice.

A citizen group focused on mobilizing local communities to take action for protection of wetlands and mangroves in Navi Mumbai.

RAWW is a Mumbai based non-governmental organization with a mission to mitigate human-wildlife conflicts and work towards urban wildlife conservation. RAWW was started in 2013 with the help of young student volunteers whom we call the real change makers.

WWA is a non- governmental organisation focused on the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife. We focus on wildlife protection and conservation, spreading awareness about environment and wildlife and striving to maintain ecological sustainability on the globe.

Green Yatra is an environmental NGO focused on protection, conservation and betterment of mother nature and humanity. Our sole objective is to create a greener and better world for present and future generations. We are working on our various projects to nullify the environmental imbalance caused by us and our society at large.

Shri Ekvira Aai Pratisthan

A community group lead by Nandkumar Pawar, a fisherman and activist, who has been to provide protection to mangroves and wetlands in Mumbai Metropolitan Region since 2005.

Nature Conservation Foundation is a public charitable trust with the goal to contribute to the knowledge and conservation of India’s unique wildlife heritage with innovative research and imaginative solutions.

Environment Life organizes mangrove and wetlands clean up drives.

Waatavaran is a not-for-profit organisation working at the intersection of climate, biodiversity protection and community well-being in Maharashtra.

Godrej Mangroves is the Mangroves protection unit of the Godrej Group.

World Wide Fund for Nature-India, better known by its abbreviation, WWF-India, has been devotedly working to protect and secure natural heritage and ecology for more than 50 years.